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Box culverts from PREFABET

Prefabricated road culverts work well when it is necessary to design a passage under the road lane, e.g. for watercourses or animals. Box culverts from PREFABT are resistant to moving loads and special loads. Our range of box culverts is based on square and rectangular cross-section design. Their assembly allows them to be joined together using twin elements.

Application of box culverts from PREFABET

The most common use of box culverts can be seen at bridges. Box culverts are used in the creation of riverbeds, sewage tunnels and the creation of safe passages for wild animals.

Explore the range of box culverts

We manufacture open and closed box culverts. Concrete class C 35/45 in exposure classes : XC4 , XF1, XD1. On customer’s request, we will manufacture box culverts in non-standard sizes. Minimum size of `1500 cm any side with an option to increase by 250 cm – max. Size of 3000 cm.

Standard offer of box culverts:
1500 x 1500 cm
2000 x 2000 cm
2500 x 2500 cm
3000 x 3000 cm

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