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Concrete road slabs

Reinforced concrete road slabs represent a high-quality alternative option to asphalt roads, or car parks and utility surfaces – paved with another form. Concrete road slabs are high quality products at a very reasonable price. Their advantages over asphalt pavement include high resistance to all kinds of damage and short laying time.

In addition to their competitive price, creating a road with reinforced concrete slabs is more advantageous for the contractor because of its long-term use and potential repair. In the event of any damage, you can easily replace a single section of the slab. Nowadays, reinforced concrete slabs are made from high-quality raw materials, making them highly resistant to damage.

Another advantage is their versatility and possibility of reuse. Road slabs are ideal for construction sites, from where they can be dismantled and transported to another location once the project is completed.

Our company offers the delivery of road slabs anywhere in Poland or personal collection at the premises of our company. On request, in addition to transport, we also offer loading, unloading and even laying of the reinforced concrete slabs at the designated location.

Application of reinforced concrete road slabs

Thanks to their versatility, reinforced concrete road slabs are perfectly suited to the most diverse conditions. Our portfolio of a long-standing manufacturer includes projects such as hardening of traffic and pedestrian areas, storage areas for various materials and equipment and hardening of investment and industrial areas.

The purpose of reinforced concrete road slabs from PREFABET:

– construction of permanent roads,

– rapid construction of temporary roads,

– paving of construction sites,

– hardening of wetlands with unstable ground,

– hardening of the utility surface,

– construction of paved parking areas.

Offer of reinforced concrete road slabs from PREFABET

Discover the range of road slabs from PREFABET and contact us. The standard range consists of three size variants. The slabs have double – dense reinforcement (top grid + bottom grid + transport ears, welded into one structure) with 8, 10 and 12 mm diameter bars. Depending on the dimensions, we produce slabs from C30/37 class concrete. The concrete is successively tested by authorised laboratories and meets the declared requirements.

300 x 150 x 15 cm 1620 kg
300 x 100 x 15 cm 1080 kg
300 x 150 x 18 cm 1945 kg
300 x 100 x 18 cm 1295 kg

* On customer’s request, we are able to manufacture non-standard dimensions of road slabs.

Płyty drogowe od PREFABET
plyty drogowe od prefabet

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