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Non-standard prefabrication from PREFABET

In our company, we attach great importance to the implementation of individual projects. Non-standard prefabrication is a very important area of business for us. We will ensure that you receive prefabricated elements of the top quality. We will also guarantee repeatability in the execution of each prefabricated element.

Implemented projects of non-standard prefabrication from PREFABET

The largest number of enquiries from our potential and future customers concerns columns, reinforced concrete beams, sports hall structures and production halls. All orders are executed in accordance with the plans and designs provided by the customer.

See what we can prepare for you.

Façade panels,
Facade columns.

Residential construction:
Elements of staircases,
Balcony panels,
Lift shafts.

Infrastructural construction:
Noise barriers,
Platform boards,
Platform walls,

Industrial construction:
Prefabricated beams,
Prefabricated docks,
Cover plates,
TT prestressed panels,
Grid columns,
Poles and pillars,

Sports facilities:
Gear beams,
Ramps and skateparks,
Prefabricated steps,

Contact us and we will discuss non-standard prefabrication together