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Reinforced concrete beams from PREFABET

A reinforced concrete beam from PREFABET is a horizontal or diagonal structural element used in construction. Its main purpose is to bear the vertical loads usually coming from the horizontal ribs and floor slabs and transferring them to the supports (walls, poles, pillars, columns). The beam works mainly under bending and shear, in addition, its compression or tension may also occur.

PREFABET's offer of reinforced concrete beams

The offer of reinforced and prestressed concrete beams includes rectangular, trapezoidal, T-shaped, I-shaped and L-shaped beams. All beams are designed and suitably adapted for composite use with monolithic or prefabricated hollow core slabs, TT slabs or filigree slabs. The maximum span size in the PREFABET range is 14 m.

  • B type beams of rectangular cross-section,
  • BS-type beams of rectangular cross-section, supported on a full-height console or with an undercut beam,
  • BST-type beams with transverse cross-section, featuring an inverted T-shape,
  • BSL-type beams with an L-shaped shelf on one side.

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