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Reinforced concrete pillars from PREFABET

Reinforced concrete pillars from PREFABET mainly function as structural supports. Incorporating them into load-bearing walls significantly improves their strength. It is an alternative support for ceilings in interiors without divisions. In many cases, reinforced concrete pillars make an indispensable element in knee walls.

Characteristic vertical elements in buildings are responsible for bearing the load from the top parts of the structure and shifting it down to the lower floors. Reinforced concrete pillars are designed to reinforce a partition with a square or rectangular cross-section.

Use of reinforced concrete pillars from PREFABET

The reinforced concrete pillars we produce are used in the construction of various types of buildings based on frame technology:

  • Storage facilities,
  • Production halls,
  • Residential buildings,
  • Service buildings,
  • Public utility buildings,
  • Multi-purpose sports and entertainment halls.

Offer of reinforced concrete pillars from PREFABET

The PREFABET offer includes reinforced concrete pillars with a maximum length of 14 metres, rectangular cross-section. Contact us and discover our offer, in particular, for:

  • Rectangular foot pillars,
  • Rectangular pillars.

Sample projects sample projects

Reinforced concrete pillars for flyovers in Lithuania

The pictures present the prefabricated beams to be used in the construction of motorway flyovers for our eastern neighbours, more specifically, in Lithuania.

Beams of unusual form with holes inside. The holes are left for the pillars, which will subsequently be connected and poured with concrete. The top part of the beam has a slope in the form of a canopy, 5 degrees to each side. The prefabricated element was made of C40/50 XC4, XF4, XD2 concrete and the weight per element is 20 tonnes.

The prefabricated reinforced concrete pillars including the support

Despite minus temperatures on some construction sites, work is not suspended. This is also the case at the construction site in Smardów near Wrocław, where we had the opportunity to manufacture and deliver prefabricated reinforced concrete columns together with a support for the overhead crane.

Pillars with a cross-section of 70×40 cm and a height of 10 m made of concrete in the C50/60 class.

Contact us and discover our offer for pillars and foot pillars