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Solid and sandwich walls from PREFABET

Walls from PREFABET are structural elements whose main purpose is to shift considerable loads from their own weight and the ceilings and then transfer them directly or indirectly to the foundation. Walls act as building partitions; in addition, external walls protect the building from changing weather conditions and noise.

Offer of walls from PREFABET

We offer solid walls, sandwich walls, single-layer walls, double-layer walls and three-layer walls up to a thickness of 450 mm. The maximum dimension of the walls we can prepare is 4 m high and 14 m long.

We also make sill walls, so-called hall sills, as infill in the ground between the pillars.

Advantages of using walls from PREFABET

  • fast execution time,
  • minimising equipment on the site,
  • high quality workmanship,
  • resistant to various weather conditions.

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