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Filigree ceilings - a simpler form of traditional ceiling

Prefabricated filigree ceilings make universal reinforced concrete formwork with stiffening additional reinforcement in the form of spatial grids with a triangular cross-section. The characteristic grating for this type of ceiling protrudes above the surface of the slab. It is a simpler variation of the traditional reinforced concrete ceiling.

Filigree ceiling construction - characteristics

Filigree ceilings from PREFABET consist of prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs 5 cm thick and a layer of concrete placed on the site. The ceiling slabs are available in a variety of dimensions, with a standard width of 2.4 m and lengths ranging from 7.5 even to 12 m. Their average weight is 125-200 kg/ m² on average. The bottom part of the reinforcement, in the form of solid bars or meshes is integrated in the slab, while the grating protruding above the surface facilitates the bonding of the slab to the super concrete.

Advantages of filigree ceilings from PREFABET

the structural capabilities of monolithic ceilings:

  • universal for all types of construction,
  • reduced ceiling construction time at construction sites,
  • possibility to form any shape,
  • possibility of designing a cross-reinforced ceiling.


We can redesign the standard filigree ceiling format on customer’s request. We cooperate with design and construction offices. Feel free to contact us for more information.

See our implemented projects of filigree ceilings

Stropy filigran
Stropy filigran Prefabet Ostrów
Stropy filigran Prefabet Ostrów
Stropy filigran Prefabet Ostrów
Stropy filigran Prefabet Ostrów
Stropy filigran Prefabet Ostrów

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